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The Christian Culture Mandate
Christian Counseling
By: Dr. Everett Ramsey


There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need counsel. The Bible says,

Proverbs 11:14 Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

As a pastor, I have always advised my people to have a cabinet of counselors just like the President of the United States. You should have at least three and maybe up to five counselors.

1. Your spouse if you are married; or, your parents or a relative if you are single.

2. Your pastor. If you have a good Pastor, one who knows the Word of God and is informed on today’s world, then include him.

3. A business person, someone who is up on the trends in jobs, education, training.

4. A financial person. I prefer investment counselors and estate planners over bankers.

5. An independent sage of wisdom, if available.

Many parent-teen problems could be avoided if parents would help their teens to pick this cabinet of counselors for their use. A teenager needs to feel that there is someone to whom they can go for advice besides their parents. The teen needs to know that the parent approves of the counselor and will help incorporate their counsel into their family relationships if wise. Parents are not all knowing and sometimes parents tend to make decisions for their teens purely out of convenience rather than wisdom.


There are certain times when you need to consult a counselor.

1. About education.

2. About moving.

3. About making major purchases, cars, businesses, houses, etc.

4. About budgeting.

5. About dating and choosing a life’s partner.

6. About serious illness.

7. About business decisions.

8. When relationships are strained.

9. When financial problems arise.

10. Marriage relationships.

11. Child rearing.

12. Business relationships.


Over the years I have had hundreds of people seek my counsel about many things. Sometimes I refer them to others who may be able to help them, but I also have a wide range of knowledge and information about many subjects, especially the Bible.

There are things you can do to void all good counsel. Many people do these things and are not even aware that they are making it impossible for someone to help them.

1. Make a decision and then hope someone can bail you out when it is wrong. You need to go for counsel when you are in the “thinking” stage of the decision, not after you have already made up your mind. In fact, the main reason people do not seek counsel is because they fear no one will agree with their desire. I would add, that if that is the case, that is a pretty sure sign that what you are considering is in fact, not a good idea.

2. Have your mind made up before you seek counsel. Not incorporating all the counsel into your decision.

3. Avoiding Biblical principals when you seek counsel. Not all counsel will be Biblical. Not all your counselors will be Christian and Bible minded. You must give more credence to Bible based counsel than non Biblical counsel if there is conflict in the counsel.

We stand ready to counsel you when ever you feel it is appropriate. We do not charge for counsel, unless it becomes extended or involved in nature.

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