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Born in Fire

Our ministry was born out of the fires of the battles of the Faith Baptist Church Christian School in Louisville, Nebraska. It was during that battle that we learned so much about how to pray, and build a people who could do a work for the Lord.

We also learned a lot about how to grow a church spiritually and numerically. This church was a small church of 15 people in a rural setting of 1000 people among the corn fields of Nebraska.

God blessed the church and the following was accomplished:

1. The church grew to 500 and over 200 in attendance.

2. The people were solid, faithful, not easily offended, workers, prayers, lived separated lives and witnessed to others.

3. The church baptized over 20 new converts per year average.

4. The church started a Christian school, K-12.

5. The church built a new auditorium and education facility.

6. The church bought a parsonage.

7. The church hired an associate Pastor and wife to teach and head up the music.

8. The church bought a second parsonage.

9. The church hired two more staff full time.

10. The church helped start 8 new Christian Schools in the State and several outside the State.

11. The church ran a bus Ministry.

It was during that battle that we learned so much in the Courts and the State Legislature and Department of Education bureaucracies about so many of our God given liberties that have been assumed by the governments of our land and why.

Liberties such as freedom to practice our faith in Christ, educate our children, marriage in God, property and the right to earn a living. You will find details about these issues at Lessons From Louisville and in my books and messages. We also learned about the way and reasons that government is encroaching upon the churches and trying and have destroyed the message of the churches in America and all the Christian nations.

We also found literally millions of people who love the Lord, but don't care much for the modern day church because it is so ignorant of the Scriptures, the history on America and the responsibilities of the Christian in society.

Because of this great wealth of information, I was flooded with opportunities to speak and teach from churches to the halls of State and Federal government to Colleges and Bible camps, denominational meetings and to freedom groups all over the nation.

Out of this grew the News letters, the books, the booklets, the messages, pastoral services to small churches and the Ministry that now exists. We have helped to spawn several churches and strengthen many more.

We now have a four pronged Ministry:

1. Publications
2. Audio Messages
3. Speaking & Teaching Engagements
4. Web Site

Web Site

This web site is the newest outreach that we have. Most of the information on this site is free and available to anyone who wants to take the time to read it or listen to it. We will also be including a “blog” as time permits.


Our publication basically consists of a monthly mailed newsletter with a free booklet on a pertinent issue or Bible study. You can sign up for that below. It is mailed out as funds are available strictly on a donation basis. Those who donate are guaranteed a mailing, then we mail to others as funds are available on a first come basis. I am happy to say that we have not missed a mailing to contributors in over 20 years. Books are available also.

Audio Teachings and Messages

Dr. Ramsey has been producing an audio commentary of the Bible for the past ten years. He has completed Genesis, Exodus, and most of the New Testament. Some of these are available free on this site, here. Others can be obtained by a donation, here.

Pastoral Services to Small Churches

Dr. Ramsey has been able to supply many pulpits, Interim Pastor several churches and recommend men to several churches.If you are a member of a small church, even if it is dying and has only a few people attending, Dr. Ramsey would love to have an opportunity to preach for you and even interim Pastor and help rebuild the church. Just contact him below for details, no obligation.

Monthly Tape Club

Those who can donate an offering of $25.00 a month to this ministry will receive the monthly Newsletter, Study tapes, booklets, personal correspondence. We make it a practice to pray regularly for all who visit our web site and register for Ministry materials.

Please click here

for more information.

Preaching and Teaching Engagements

Dr. Ramsey has several annual speaking engagements around the nation each year. However, he accepts invitations for revivals, Bible Studies, camps, family Seminars and other events. There is no fee, but he does ask that you provide for his expenses and a love offering for the Ministry. If you are interested in having Dr. Ramsey in your church or group for a meeting, please get information by filling out the request form below.

Local Ministry

If you are in agreement with our Statement of Faith and desire a Grace Covenant fellowship in Texas County, Missouri, please fill in the form below and type, "Local Fellowship" in the Message field.

I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Dr. Ramsey

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