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The Christian Culture Mandate
Hate Laws - How They Destroy Free Speech
By: Dr. Everett Ramsey

Should Christians and their pastors be able to stand against sin as defined by Scripture? Does the God of the Bible condemn killing babies in the womb? Does the God of the Bible condemn sodomy, homosexuality, bisexuality and lesbianism?

Does the God of the Bible condemn false religions and their idols in the land? Does the God of the Bible expect Jews, Muslims and Buddhists to repent and accept Jesus Christ to be saved?

Most Christians would answer, "Yes."

There was a day when all Christian denominations preached against these sins. Today, very few speak out against them; not because these acts have suddenly been approved by the Lord God, but because men have passed laws and run newspapers who villainize those who do speak out on these issues.

Our government officials have slowly been forced by special interest groups to pass laws to stop preachers from preaching the Bible truths.

You can't say, "Homosexuality is a sin," without being in danger of prosecution for breaking some hate law or being defamed by your local press.

You can't say, Aborticide is a sin," or "race mixing is a sin," or "Jews have to accept Christ" without fear of prosecution or defamation in the press.

The sad thing is that these special interest groups have set up watch dog groups like the ADL, the JDL, the NAACP, Planned Parenthood, SPLC and others who raise money and set up spies in every state and community. If anyone speaks out, or demonstrates or writes publicly against these sins, they are reported to law officials, newspapers and denominational leaders who either prosecute, defame or ostracize them from their friends and neighbors.


What is a hate group? How are they recognized, named, identified? It all depends on who you ask.

Yes, Islamics who want to kill Americans are hate groups to Americans. People who want to kill whites are hate groups to whites. Catholics who want to kill Protestants are hate groups to Protestants.

Today, Americans have been prepped by the media, the schools, the government, and yes, the churches to believe that anyone who disagrees with the politically correct status quo is a hate group.

For instance, you cannot discuss the subject of race without being a racist. You cannot say anything positive about the white race without being a white supremacist. Or you can’t say anything negative about the Jews without being anti-Semitic.

Right now in America, there are many ministers from several denominations who believe that America has drawn some very unscriptural and unwise conclusions about our support of the Israelis and our national policy on immigration, immigrating too many non-Christian populations into our country. These ministers are considered preachers of hate by the ADL, the JDL, Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty law Center.

Another group of ministers understand the legal ramifications of Church incorporation, tax exemption, State Marriage licenses and they try to teach others. They are considered as preachers of hate also; and are defamed in the press and media.

There is an Independent Baptist Minister in Minnesota who thinks I am Bitter over the Nebraska School case, that I have read too much hate literature and that pastors who have tried to turn me from the errors of my way have been rebuffed by me.

All of this is pure lies, yet it is on the Internet and many people read it and draw conclusions that are in error. Mr. Who-ever-he-is has never talked to me, as far as I know, I have never seen him or met him. I certainly am not bitter over Nebraska. God gave us a tremendous victory and enlarged my ministry.

I know hate literature and books when I see them and I do read enough to know what the basis of a man's arguments are,( more than I can say for the Reverend in Minnesota) but I am not a follower or believer in the theology of any hate group except the one considered hate by some, the Church of Jesus Christ and the Bible.

I have challenged preachers for years to discuss our theological differences and none will because I know the Bible better than most of them and they can't sustain an argument.

There is another group of politicians, media moguls and government operatives who are bent on making sure the American public in general believe these ministers and followers to be terrible, dangerous hate groups worthy of defamation in the media and press, confiscation of property and jailed by the courts and even executed if necessary to shut up their preaching, their facts, their data and history. Never let the facts get in the way of our agenda to destroy a godly nation with liberty for all.

What must be remembered is that those who do the labeling and defaming in the media have an agenda that is being threatened by these prophets of truth and doom. This is not new.

For instance, the prophet Jeremiah issued a similar message of God’s judgment upon the king and the nation of Israel about 500 BC. His reward was not repentance by the king, but to be thrown into a well-dungeon to stand in mud up to his hips without food and water until he died. Only by the kindness of some Godly people did he get extricated and taken to a home, cleaned and fed.

Did his prophecies come true? Yes, but that did not keep him from suffering the defamation by government and church leaders as a hateful man guilty of treason.

Jesus Himself was called Anti-Semitic, treasonous, unholy, a bastard, a sinner and a hater of that which is good.

The Apostle Paul was called Anti-Semitic, a Hater, treasonous, a public nuisance and disturber of the peace. He was also called a tax protester, as was Jesus also. The Pharisees said they were both dangerous and had to be arrested, jailed or killed to be shut up.

It is always the government and religious leaders of the day who make the persecution of good people possible. In our day it is with the help of special interest groups as well.

We hear a lot today about the Jews being killed and persecuted in the Holocaust. They were, but so were thousands of Christians. There is real doubt that the number of Jews killed in Germany was 6 million, but let’s assume that it is correct. There have been over 150 million people killed by communist and socialist dictators since then and no one seems to mind. All we hear about are the 6 million Jews. Is that OK with you? It is not OK with me.

We have Holocaust studies, tolerance studies, holidays set aside for toleration leaders, but not one class is allowed to talk about Christian killings and persecutions in the public schools, the media and the press.

Today a white individual can kill or beat a black person and it is a hate crime. But if a black or a group of blacks beat a white person or kill them, it is not a hate crime.

As you read the following, the names of groups that I mention will stir emotions in you as being identified as hate groups; groups such as the KKK, Aryan Nations, Christian Identity, Skin Heads, etc.

Now I want to make it clear that I in no way approve in any fashion the crimes or violence of anyone, no matter what their claim. That includes the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. Yes, there have been crimes and violence committed by some in all these groups. But I could say the same about Baptists, the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, the Methodist, Pentecostals and others. Being a part of the group does not necessarily make all the members like them or in agreement with them. Nor does an individual who may agree with some of the beliefs and doctrine of the group mean that he is a violent member of the group.

I am a Baptist, but I believe that the Pentecostals, the Presbyterians, the Reformed and other groups have some valid theology and ideas. That does not make me a part of the group.

I happen to believe that the White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP), Germanic Scandinavian people are the descendants of the Hebrews and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. There are many groups that believe the same thing. But that does not make them Baptist, or me a part of their group.

I find it hypocritical of churches, ministers and Christians to label a man of God because he may believe some Biblical doctrines shared by people or groups that may or may not be Christian. It is possible for very wrong groups to believe some truth. My philosophy has always been that all people have some truth, but no individual has all truth.

A man can be a drinker, an adulterer, a drug user, a thief or a dozen other horrible things and still be forgiven or accepted as pastor of a church. But if you have been accused of ever believing some doctrines that are shared by those identified by the media as hate groups, you are forever condemned and barred from any further labor in any church. Christians are the worst hypocrites of all.

There are two other points that must be considered here also when the media or the government is trying to identify someone with or as a part of a “Hate Group."


The government of the United States has, like all wicked governments of the past, set up their own people to do dastardly things and blame them on the good people to get the public down on the good people. A good example of this in history is Nero, who set Rome on fire and then blamed the Christians, which unleashed the most severe persecution of Christians in that day.

Has America ever done this? Of course. Our government knew the Japanese were coming to Pearl Harbor to bomb it, but the President did nothing until it happened, because he needed the people to be very angry at the Japanese so he could get involved in a war to help stimulate the economy during the depression.

America blew up one of its own ships and blamed a country it wanted to go to war against so the people would approve.

The Murrah building bombing in Oklahoma was aided by an inside government agent provocateur who knew when and how it was to be done. It was done in order to make people angry at the patriot movement, the militia movement and anti-tax movement in this country as well as the Christian Identity movement.

When a tragedy is perpetrated, it causes the American people to be more willing to give up their freedoms of privacy. The government convinces them that all this snooping and intrusion into bank accounts, emails, phone calls and meetings is necessary to protect us from our enemies.

If you still believe that a man in the Middle East planned and financed and carried off the 9/11 tragedy, there probably is no hope for you to understand what is happening. Those towers were brought down by charges properly placed at crucial points and timed to explode at proper intervals in order for the towers to fall. It was an inside job using hired Arab provocateurs working for the CIA to be the fall persons. Even Osama Ben Laden was on the CIA payroll for awhile. What I’m saying is that our government will commit terrible crimes and blame a person or group they want to target or discredit.


The second point you need to understand is that the media and special interest groups like the SLPC, ADL, JDL and other un-American groups coin group names, theology names, ideology names and personal names that can be emotionally charged to create hate or love in the minds of the hearers.

Again, this is not new. Look at your Bible. The followers of Christ were first called “Christians” in Antioch. You hear that name and you may feel safe, or have positive feelings about it. But I assure you that when the Pharisees coined this name in Rome it did not, and was not supposed to generate good feelings. It was a name of derision and hatred.

This name became the word on the tongues of every Roman. They jeered it in the arenas when they called for the lions to be loosed and the gladiators to take the heads of the Christians with their swords. The Romans saw it as a status symbol and politically correct to turn their thumbs down on a Christian lying in his own blood in the arenas.

The same tactic was used to turn the people against Wycliffe and Huss until they were carried and burned at the stake for their belief in the Word of God.

The same is true of Galileo. He was a renowned scientist and inventor. He was respected and loved. But when his science said the earth rotates around the sun and not the sun rotates around the earth, the church would not stand for it. The church had taught for centuries that the sun rotated around the earth and even tried to quote some Scriptures for its proof.

Galileo said that is not true, the earth and other planets rotate around the sun. The Catholic Church which was also the government of the countries at that time began a propaganda program to defame Galileo in the minds of the people. They used the churches and the bully pulpit. They were successful and soon Galileo was arrested and imprisoned in exile the rest of his life without protest from the people.


Don’t let the media, the press, the government, the schools and the churches determine who you should hate and love. If you cannot or will not correspond directly with a person to know what they believe AND WHY, then don’t condemn them and oppose them. Plus, defend their right to live and work and have access to the public.

If you hate the groups identified today by the media, press and government, some day you will be the target and you will have no one to defend you.


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